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BnB was conceived with an intention to help a woman reach her best potential while enjoying at every stage of her biological clock as she makes well informed decisions about her health, partnering with us.

The paediatric division of BnB aims to establish a well baby clinic, which looks at educating parents about the best childcare practices while giving them expert medical care when in need.

In line with BnB goals, we have several initiatives under Precious 9 months program, tailor made to suit a pregnant woman’s needs.
As a part of the program, every 2nd saturday we conduct a fun learning workshop at Birth n’ Beyond, which involves interaction with – Obstetrician, Physiotherapist, Paediatrician, Psychologist, Nutritionist.

This is a sneak peek into our September session – (Session 5 of the year)

Aspects covered this month :

Emotional Well being of a woman – Psychologist Dr.Meena to help in :

  • Understanding the journey of pregnancy and dealing with stress during the 9’months
  • Post delivery hormonal changes / Post-partum blues : Understand how you feel , How to ask for help from your caregivers, How the family can support, When to seek doctor’s advice?

Physiotherapy Session :

  • Stretches & Warm ups for relaxation
  • Breathing exercises that calm your mind and body. Yoga nidra.

Paediatrician Session :

New Born : 0 to 6 months

  • Massage techniques
  • Baby exercises to strengthen their muscles
  • Simple ways to help with colic/gas in babies

Nutrition advice:

Calming foods during pregnancy – Stay healthy…stay relaxed

Fun Activities and quiz for the parents to be !

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Birth and Beyond Workshop at Ramesh Hospitals Dated on Sep 9th, 2017 – Video 1